Fifa 11 virtual pro hack: 255 overall!


i seen this video and he says he wants £5 for it, maybe you could buy it and share on Horizon mod tool :wink:

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how? im new to this btw :cry:

For starters if you want to put a vid do it like this [video]YOURLINK[/m] without the **

and the rest can be found Here

O okay :smile: Use this thread for help:

you could of saved time by doing it yourself cause you know how to :laughing: ( < may sounded offensive, im not offending you)

Meh Maybe

Its only omdding the setting with hex or gpd

apparently he is a member from here, but why on earth would you want that kind of overall? okay for offline…

But when it comes to playing clubs or pro ranked games, you are not going to get a game, as people quit or won’t play you when your pro is 100% done legitimately…

As soon as someone see any pro rating over 89 90 91 (legitimately you can only go as high as 93/94 depending on position etc…) they quit…

Sad really… in FIFA 12 they need to remove that overall rating…

how to hex it??

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10/5 traits? :o

Its me :smiley:

Have faith in the Horizon Devs, More will be added to the Fifa 11 tool in the future and you will all be able to do the same mods for free!

Took the words straight off my keyboard haha
Is true that!