Fifa 16 Money Mod


Is there a Fifa 16 money mod tool available?

what mode fut (fifa ultimate team) or career?

Career - I only play career. Thanks for the response.

Career - I only play career. Thanks for the response.

well your in luck

and i dont know if i post a site like this one i will get banned dont ban me im new

and if thats not it reply again ill look again


I am also a member there and trust me, that editor hasn’t work for me since Fifa 14. I have tried it.

This post can be closed; I got one of the members here who managed to edit my Fifa 16 Career Mode cash. Thanks a lot for modding my save…

you dont need a money mod for career mode actually.
There’s a way (glitch) for getting any players you want.

  1. Offer club big enough money/player to trade for so the club accept your offer,
  2. Offer player contract that he’ll reject but still willing to listen new offer,
    3a. Offer club 0 money (and player you want to get rid of if theres any) AND THEN
    3b. Offer player contract that he’ll accept.

This way, you’ll get player you want FOR FREE. plus you can get rid of player you dont need without waiting for offer.

I started this thread and I had one of the members here mod my FIFA 16 save - I have since lost the link to that modded save as I cannot access my old Horizon Inbox; this is a long shot - but I am sure if he reads this message he will remember me; I lost my Xbox but I wanted the modded Fifa 16 mediafire link you sent to my Inbox - please help. I just need max money only…

@mishumo Do you still have your old, unmodded, save file?

If you do, do you want me to mod your save? :slight_smile:

Just link me your save via mediafire or dropbox, and I’ll max your money and upload it to my dropbox for you.

Please note that you can’t change your wage setting until the season is over or your money will be £0, but your wage and transfer budget will be £999,999,999 || $999,999,999 || €999,999,999. After the season is over the board will give you around 40% to 80% of your remaining balance (depending on your board allocation money setting at the start of manager mode), after this you can change your wage budget. Please note that if you give a player over £1,000,000 || $1,000,000 || €1,000,000 a week wage, then you won’t be able to increase this any higher after the season is complete and the board gives you a season budget.

@WeylandYutani - Yes, I do — Is it also possible to mod the gold coins to spend? If so, I would appreciate the gold - I want to buy the feature
to be able to replay a match.
Here is my save file:

thanks again buddy.

@mishumo Nah, that’s an online feature the gold coins, meaning that its value stored in EA servers, just play loads of matches. You get 300FFC (EA Gold Coins) for every match played - doesn’t matter if you win.

I don’t know if you use dollars or pounds or euros, so I put the three versions in different folders in .RAR > Modded > EUR || GBP || USD:


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Yes, I had an Xkey and my previous save had gold coins; it was just a shot in the dark; but thank - oh, it was dollars;
and thank you again for your assistance; I will try the save file now and update you.

Alright well you’ll find the USD version inside the modded folder of the RAR file.

I will guarantee that the file will be available via this link for as long as you need it, if it is ever removed - I will notify this page immediately.

Have fun,

– WY

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Excellent and thanks again for the help…

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@mishumo I’m assuming you’re on X360? If you want I can gift you the Replay Ability - I have tons of FCC because I’ve bought everything :laughing:.

Yes, I am on the Xbox 360. I will appreciate that extremely - what do you need from me? My gamertag? If so, it is Nembahe.

Thanks again.

@Mishumo Olright, I’ll add chu.

Thanks again for the help - greatly appreciated… Mod it for me. My gt DzBlazex