does anyone know how to use the mod tool FIFANOW360 to mod fightnight? please help

Well what are you having problems with? Can you not find any instructions for using it? I thought I linked you to a Fight Night Champion save editor last week in one of your other threads. You really need to give us more info if you want us to help you out.

yea im sorry about that i did try to use the save editor that you linked me to but it is strictly for legacy mode in fight night which is an offline mode, but with the fifanow360 tool it can do online which is what i was really aiming for i just dont know how to use it ive been trying for the last 4 days but cant seem to crack it. @SteveWonda

What exactly are you having problems with? Are you able to open your save in the editor? I just downloaded fifanow360 and the fight night editor looks pretty straight forward.

Edit. I’m downloading Champion now so I can throw it on my Jtag and get a save file to test the editor with. I’ll let you know how it goes in a few hours.

well i am a bit new to the whole modding thing so i can easily use horzion modding tool with the help and step by step guide of youtube tutorials but with fifanow360, i open it up then i scroll to the fightnight champion tab and click it this box with 2 options pops up for online editor and the other is legacy editor, so i click the online one and there are options to adjust the fighters stats appear, so i go ahead fix them up to level i want them at but i dont know how to transfer this to my xbox so i can use that fighter online, with that being said i do have a 16gb flash drive so thats not the problem. i just dont know the proper steps to take.


So you’re extracting your save from your flash drive with Horizon and then opening that save in the fifanow360 editor?

yes what i did was drag it to the appilcation and the thing that pops up like in the horizon app which contains profile id: and then a bunch of numbers, then console id: numbers. that sort of box pops up and after that idk what to do…


Ok. After modifying it in fifanow360 editor hit save and then you should get this:

Press OK.

Now look in Device Explorer in Horizon and delete your original Champion save:

Now drag & drop your newly modified save into the grey area of Horizon:

Now press the Save to Device button in the top right corner and choose your flash drive, agree to save changes:

Now it’s back on your flash drive with the new mods. You can now move the save back to your 360’s hard drive or load the game from your flash drive. If your original save is important to you make sure you make a backup of it and store it on your PC in a special folder just in case something goes wrong.

on the first step you posted, when i hit save it say “index and length must refer to a location within the string. parameter name:length”


sorry i will have to go to this family event but i will be back on later around 8 or so. thank you @SteveWonda

sorry bro i fell asleep i diddnt get a chance to get back but im up now i work 3rd shift, was there any luck figuring out that error? did i do something wrong? @SteveWonda

You should ask the program’s dev about the error.

I didn’t get the error so I don’t know what to say. I also don’t have a save file with online progress so that could be why. Make sure you’re trying to mod the proper save file if there’s more than one on your hard drive.

Okaye im going to double check then maybe its because i have windows vista ? @SteveWonda

I highly doubt it has anything to do with vista. You should try to contact the dev and see if he can give you proper instructions on how to use his tools.

Okaye i will thanks for assisting me though man hope you had a good thanksgiving