Fight the dragon ACK hack

Unfortunately this topic has been spammed with crap post by
SNAKE AND N1CETOMEETYOU, lowlife spamming trolls when I gave my opinion on the rules and ask
questions… The only one with a good post was CHRIS.
Waiting for the lowlife spamming trolls posts to be deleted.


Your writing hurts both my eyes and mind. Infinity is a program featuring trainer made for offline parts of games. This, however, is barely a game and you want cheats that works for online. Even if it would be fully funded (250k points) I doubt a trainer would be made.

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@sNaKe No you are wrong, THE ACK IS OFFLINE and I do not post my adventures online, I keep them hidden I am asking for a trainer for the offline ACK so help fund this hack.

250,000 points just to make a trainer is too much and dumb to me and also bios against games other people want. I could see it was at 5,000 maybe 10,000 would be acceptable.

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250,000 Points is fair and made because too many requests came in. If it would be 5000 every game would be funded within seconds.

It’s not allowed to ask people to fund a hack/game. If a game is not shown in the list of games you can request over at you can ask a staff to add it.
Fight the dragon is in the list: Fight The Dragon Cheats & Trainers for PC | WeMod
So put your points into it but don’t ask people to do it

Take a look at this page: Upcoming Cheats & Trainers for PC | WeMod

You can clearly see games are being fully funded.

Well I see what you are talking about now and I guess 250, 000 give the staff time to make the trainers.
Please explain to me why I can’t promote a hack that people like me who would want to see this trainer get made for this game because that rule seems dumb now.

That just doesn’t make sense that you can’t ask for help from other people that might also
want this trainer made.

Oh, this game is a offline game and the only part that is online is LETTING your adventures go
to there server which you don’t have to do when you have a hide option.

Anyone that says this game is online doesn’t know what they are talking about.
I do think you can play with friends online in a private session but that still doesn’t make the game online.

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Well I just hope the hacks I need for the ACK get made.

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It is to stop people like you from flooding the forum with “fund X trainur plez!”. There is a system in place for requesting trainers. Abide by the rules or stay away from this site, choice is yours.


Snake Answered your question very good.
If it looks dumb to you you’re free to go.
Sorry this may seem rude but for you everything seems dumb that is not going your way.

@Chris close?

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We would never be able to keep up with that. We can’t even keep up with it at 250k. There are large changes coming to voting system soon.

Because if people want to see a trainer they will vote for it without someone asking them to do it. There just isn’t any reason to have a thread asking people to vote for the game.

@hotbloodedhacker I told you to request it as in put points in it. Its obvious you misunderstood me, maybe i wasn’t being clear.

Anyway, i have responded to you.