Final Fantasy IV, IV TAY,V trainder pls

I just finished FFIII with trainer. It’s a good trainer except some crashes with disabling random battle.

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I think @REPPiN might be interested in this “suggestion”, as he has worked on other FF titles as well, IMO.

Would be nice, if you can provide what all Trainer options you actually want to get implemented for FF IV, and others, so that the Trainer developer can have a look into this.

Do you have these Games on STEAM ?

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Thanks for reply.
I think basic options can be same with FF III.

I finished FFIII one hour ago and begin to play FFIV now.

Sure! I’m working on Rome 2 at the moment, but I will definitely work on them right after Rome :stuck_out_tongue:

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Okay, thanks.
I will continue to play FFIV to see which options is needed to add.

For FF IV, I think we need option to improve battle speed. I searched Steam community and found a way to speed up battle but that would modify game exe file.

I need a mod for like no damage for FFIV. please and thank you. The pink flans,red dragons and armored fiends are annoying.