Final Fantasy X and X-2 trainer?

Would it be possible to look into this?? I would love a trainer for either one or both of them others prob would like this also, last time I asked about a trainer it was made without a hitch and it was made awesome ( final fantasy xiii-2 ) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d really appreciate it if someone looked into this, thanks guys <3

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Hello. I to would love to see a trainer on wemod for both of these games,FFX2 in particular as less people seem to have cheats and such for it. As for FFX, i strongly recommend you take look at this video on how to use save editor made for FFX. The editor is fantastic and far better than any trainer could be. You can edit things like Chocobo time,Sphere grid nodes, edit weapons and so on.


it ain’t a virus is it?? cause it’s also for my friend and I don’t want him thinking I’m screwing him over

No, it is is not a virus. I have used it myself and i gave myself all key items and all overdrive modes for all characters. Use it and you will see for yourself.

The game has boosters and it’s pointless to really have a trainer if the boosters are built in

Not sure what boosters you talk about, it`s a while since i played these games.
However. I know a guy, cough rep cough @REPPiN
That got this game for christmas, not that he love FF or anything.

But i`ll im sure if @DarkestPrayer69 ask nicely. A trainer will be made :3

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The official boosters. Every FF game that was ported to PC (7,8,9,10 and 10-2) in the past couple of years minus the mmo’s and other games have them. Attacks will deal 9999 damage, Grants you an always full ATB gauge,
as well as full HP and MP. Trance is also always available. , Speed up certain parts of the game. and such.

Think i might have missed that :3 Will look into it tho.
Thanks for the info

ye I asked him about ff 13-2 and he made one, he was really nice about it

I have no idea why :open_mouth:

I have another editor here. This one is a memory editor and is very good. It works for both FFX and X2. You just select the game process in the editor like you do with cheat engine. The editor is called Farplane. Here is the main thread for it, and here is the main download link,

I strongly recommend this editor

Any word on the Trainer for Final Fantasy X and X-2?

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