FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I can confirm that the cheats work only for FFX and not for FFX-2.

I’m having a trouble, at the point where Kimahri vs his brothers/kind before the Zanarkand, when I turned on the infinite HP, the enemy HP is a percentage of our HP too. So they got 3 MILLION HP while we deal only 9999 damage.

Is there any fix to this problem? The cheat says “one hit kill” but its not OHK, its giving maximum capped 9999 damage.

same here. i could not take down enemy’s 3 million HP.

would it be possible to make trainers and cheats for FX-2 or not?

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I’m having issue with Unlimited Gil cheat, it’s still the same amount when I turn it on. Do I need to do extra steps to get it working?

Is ther any chance of blitzball cheats being added sometime in the future? Or is ther some cheats out there already?

On the right hand side, you can click “History” and select another version of the mod and see if it will work for the current release. I’m gonna try blitzball now, so I’ll edit the post after I try the 05/30/2018 version.

HP works - Resetting the blitzball timer also works. Those should be the only two you would need anyway.

Apart from Blitzball mega exp
Finish every match with 9999 xp
But I guess with the reset timer you can just farm xp forever

All the cheats worked well for X but X-2 are fussy. The unlimited gil cheat doesn’t work at all. Plus a max AP cheat would be super helpful.


Any chance of an AP/S.Lv mod anytime soon ?