App Horizon



here is PC stats, they suck right now


One thing this comes with function to play with friends ?? Or is it random people with whom you can join?

PS I’m already trying different trainer in the Multiplayer


you can set up a camp and people can join


pero yo cuando quiero montarlo no me deja se pone en una especie de busqueda automatica y me deja pegando a un cactilio


umm yea, the quick search tries to find randoms and it puts you in like a target practice while you wait but there is AI quickplay and Camp, with came its pretty much same a quickplay but people can look for your session specifically


So i can launch the game with Infinity but the cheats wont load. Anyone have any suggestions?


@Zombiemike168 everything will be fixed in short, anyway, make sure your AV has been disabled


Where do you disabled that in Steam?


Its not in steam. Your antivirus one of your programs


Max out Gils doesn’t work for me. I forgot to mention this when I did the report in the beta part.


Failed to load cheats for me every time. Playing through Steam. Firewall is turned off.


Cheats seem to be working fine for me however one of them does seem to be causing crashing. I’m going through the ones I’m using 1 by 1 to find out which.


@exaration the 99 elemental energy crash will be fixed in a few hours (This was mentioned by Reppin


Stingerr is working on this one now


Cant get the cheats to work. Every time I try to launch the game through Infinity it freezes and then the codes don’t work and if I try launching the game first then attaching Infinity once it’s running it says it failed. I’m not really sure what to do about it.


@STiNGERR When I enter battle it is crashing.


Just checked and it still wont load cheats. I tried other games and they load in fine. Just seems to be this one not working for me.


Checked this moment, Unlimited MP crashes the game the moment you try warping.
So yeah, not usable … can’t tell for other cheats beside that.


always a problem with the active health trainer 10-15minutes, then turns off and does not work at all


@Mihosis @User2345180 @Zombiemike168 @WinterHawke @Mason0359 @Gorthezar @myrodex there’s a small bug we’re fixing guys, stay patient just a little more