App Horizon



this was designed for the steam version, unfortunately, they decided to release on 3 platforms, steam windows store, and Origin. most likely is each has a different file structure or .exe name. a separate trainer is probrobly needed for Windows store


Is there any chance there will be a Windows version coming out soon?


How about a tool for adding XP, or just maxing it out entirely?


the cheats don’t work atm, I only used the gil one and easy kill. easy kill causes the game to constant crash .


almost everything works for me just the unlimited hp doesn’t work anymore


Interesting, if I use the AP Gil or magic cheats the game freezes and CTD’s do you do anything specific to run them smoothly or does it just work for you?


I’m not sure where or when to use the cheats as they keep crashing the game.


I have steam . nothing works atm , some codes simply crash the game . and easy kill don’t work


I believe they are still working on fixing the problems, Please be patient. If you see multiple posts about the same issue adding another one for the exact same thing won’t speed up the process.


My apologies, then. I had assumed they were fixed and kept trying to see what might worked.


will keep game playing on hold until trainer fully works .


Hello, Reppin

Thank you for the amazing work you’ve done. I may have a slightly odd request, but would it be possible for you to create a sort of “Hard Mode” for the game? I find the game to be way too easy.


you could play Comrades


When I launch via wemod app, there is about 30 seconds of unresponsiveness before the game loads. WeMod thinks it failed to launch. When it does after a minute, says failed to load cheats for me.


playing kingdom come deliverance until trainer works properly .


Would it be possible to get an easy fishing cheat? Maybe infinite fishing rod durability?


Can’t wait for this to be fixed :slight_smile: Keep up the great work :smiley:


me too . I love the game so far, I hope they fix it soon


Hey im seeing a problem with the Unlimited Health and Easy Kills. they dont seem to be working on my system. I still get killed vary fast.


Please read above they are still working on a fix.