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The FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION cheats have been updated!


  • Unlimited Chocobo Stamina cheat added
  • Unlimited Armiger cheat added
  • One-Hit Kills cheat added
  • Unlimited Items cheat added
  • Unlimited Fuel cheat added
  • Unlimited Elemental Energy cheat added
  • Unlimited Magic cheat added
  • Instant Spell Cooldown cheat added
  • Unlimited Fishing Line Durability cheat added
  • Ghost Mode cheat added
  • Unlimited Gil cheat added
  • Unlimited AP cheat added
  • Unlimited XP cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Wow. Nice work stingerr. I dont think people will be asking for much more than that
But some people would like the trainer to play the game for them too hahaha


oh is that a possiblility


Has anyone been able to figure out why some of us cant get the cheats to load?


XP cheat just crashed me.


Restarted and worked fine the second time though.


Damn yea still says “failed to load cheats” for me :confused:


Thanks for the swift update. wish the other creators could do the same to the other games they worked on.


That’s brilliant thanks for all your hard work :wink:


@Hawk now i wanna know what it said ! ?


Anyone got this working on the Windows Store version?


No its for steam version


Thank you


oh I tested the trainer andd the one for 99 items wasn’t working but i figured out why


I don’t know if its possible but are you able to add get all weapons and accessories?


Unlimited Items cheat don’t works…
However, loading the game again worked.


When I try to start the game in wemod I keep getting the error message “Failed to start game - We’re having trouble starting or finding your opened game”. I downloaded the hi-res pack, drag the exe. file into the program and allowed it through my firewall. What should I do?


It happens to me since I launched his trainer, none of them work for me. and it still does not work and the same message jumps to me, and that I have it in the game raid in / common / FFXV Windows edition etc … and even drag the icon, but I just jump that the game is not compatible with the trainer. So I had to improvise, PD probe with something else and you can use the trainer in the online perfectly and without risks, just enter with steam in disconnected. use the trainer and ready and everything is saved.


Yea I noticed it needs at least two of the item. I did not realize because a previous trainer I tried didn’t it just needed 1


Add me on steam if you want to play comrades sometime