Finally decided to poke my head in

I figured I might as well introduce myself, since I have been using Infinity for months now, and have been lurking around here on the forums for a few weeks now.

I’ve been involved with the Planetside games for roughly 12 years now and have dabbled in a few other games since then. I currently play FireFall, Planetside 2, and I enjoy Tom Clancy games. I have played countless other titles and genres, but I love first person shooters. I keep the modding, however, to single player games only; personal preference.

I used to test games and programs, but since I decided to go back to school, work and school have taken up too much of my time. I still love getting a chance to break games and programs through alpha and beta, as well as stress tests any chance I can get, though. That’s about it in a nutshell.


Welcome to WeMod Reignman!

Stop lurking around and say something lol. We need active members that get involved in the forums. Most of us are chill, happy to help, or just chat about just about anything type of guys(and a few gals, I think).

Hope to see you pop in and say wassup often. Peace!

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Welcome to the forum then :3

If its anything just ask, hope to see you around not just lurking in the future.

Welcome to the WeMod forums

G’day and Welcome Mate…
You’ll have to stop lurking in the shadows or someone might think you’re up to no good :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope you enjoy your time here.

nice meme friend

I’ve also decided to poke my head in lol. Been a member for a long time but haven’t really been active for a long time too. The site has changed heaps. Anyway I hope everyone is well!

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