FINALLY getting around to introducing myself

Hey fellas and gals. Thought I would finally introduce myself.
I go by either RepoGamer ( use to repo cars for a living and of course a gamer at heart. Now I drive a truck all 48 and Canada) or Keeper ( play for keeps in all things). Been around here since the early days of the very memorable and great days of the 360. The team here has always been great and love this place though I mostly just lurk.
Live in Seattle though I don’t see it much due to my line of work. I enjoy Xbox and the last PS I owned was a PS2. Married and the wifey team drives the ole rig with me. Kids are grown and moved out.
World of Warcraft player since Cata. FOR THE HORDE!! Outlaw if anyone cares. Lol.
And finally thanks to the team here. I have been using this so long I don’t know what I’d do if ya ever went away. Keep up the great work and I will always be a supporter and fan.
Fav games.
1 World of Warcraft…It just gets in your DNA and becomes part of you.
2 Lost Oddessy on the 360.
3 GTA…yes. All of them.
4 COD 4 and COD Black ops. Mostly MP but the campaigns were great as well.
Let’s not forget the early days of Rainbow 6 Vegas…God those lobbies were great.
Or GRAW…If you need to ask chances are you never played. ( Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare) Man the good times.
5 Gears of War. Never did earn the achievement " A Series of Tubes" …which was bragging rights back in those days while earning Seriously achievement. If ya played MP ya know why.
6 I guess last but not least…
City Skylines. That’s my relax game for the last few years. Although I suck at creating anything worthwhile I can still get in there and have fun. And that game is awesome like that.
Take it easy ya’ll . Keep gaming and stay safe. Lastly, be good to one another.


Hola and welcome!

Old timers and now just introducing yourself. Welcome!


Since 2011…That to long? Lol. And thanks.