First Driving Lesson Tomorrow

Hey guys I’ve got my first driving lesson tomorrow and I’m a tad nervous, does anyone have any tips to help me with driving?

Adjust your mirrors and wear your seat belt and always use your turn signals. Other then that driving is the easiest thing in the world I’ve been driving for 6 years now. Also study the street signs make sure you know what they actually mean. The girl I was taking my driving test with went down a one way street because she didn’t pay attention.

Relax and don’t panic. Only thing I find annoying now is other road users. To as slow as you want and take your time. It really isn’t as hard as some people may make out

That’s what I’ve been thinking if others can do it why can’t I?

It’s a piece of cake. Get some good sleep tonight and pretty much what Horney and James mentioned sums it up. Good luck man!

Have a few drinks to calm your nerves before you go.

Just don’t lift the clutch up too quickly. Treat it like a lady.

And when I started I had a problem with going into the wrong gear. 1st and 2nd is no problem, to go into higher gears, make sure you push the stick to the centre then up or whatever. You’ll get what I mean.

Well, I hope you studied the sign colors and what the signs mean. If you did, then you have nothing to worry about. Driving is the easiest thing, it should just come naturally to you! Have fun!

Don’t crash.

don’t die

I’m sure you’ll do fine, get some sleep and report back to us when you pass!

Best of luck!

And whatever you do the pedestrian on the bicycle is not worth 100 points you should do well :slight_smile:

Pedal to the medal when the lights turn red or when an elderly couple crosses the street

If you’re getting head from someone while driving, it’ll probably be best to pull over and let them finish. It’s the leading cause of accidents in the US/UK at the moment…

Nah but seriously, you’ll do fine as long as you studied all the signs and know when to use your turn signals, and whatnot (I swear some people still don’t know how to use their turn signals…). You might be really tense when you first start, but you should become more accustomed to it the more you drive. Then it’ll become second nature to you.

ya man just be safe on the road and good luck

PLease don’t take any of this advice… He got his licence from a cereal box and thinks that for every person he hits, he gets 10 points and gets 15 for each old lady! (:wink: Love ya D.Horne)

With all joking aside, not much can go wrong. Your instructor should have access to the foot controls as well so they can and will apply the brakes if necessary. Don’t feel intimidated either by other road users, especially the ones that like to tailgate you or overtake, they are just inpatient and insensitive A holes. Also, if you begin to feel your instructor is abit too abrupt or blunt, don’t hesitate to change your teacher. The last thing you want to do is feel uncomfortable when learning, you want to learn is a stress-free, calm, and relaxed environment as possible and under someone who can accommodate those conditions.

Hope this helps!

It won’t be 100 points if the motorcycle rider is me… Better hope I’m dead otherwise I’m getting back up and coming to your kick you @$$!


If you do a burnout then they will most likely pass you

Dont consume lots of alcohol before driving

Go through all the red lights, Do some handbrake turns, and give the middle finger to everybody driving past.