Fishing planet

I saw this game is server side on money and gold, but u can modify the game speed easy. You think is possible to make changes in this game? i think is imposible… i tryed to change lures number, lines… etc. Fully server side and impossible to hack?

It says it has Single Player as well.

So, if you want a trainer for that go fund it here :slight_smile:

The description says online multiplayer

Yeah that game is Multiplayer only MrNotSoPrecise


@STN And the categories say single player

Stfu NotSoN1ceToMeetYou

Must be a SP mode when thats there.


Some do like "For Honor’ but all data is stored online and the game can’t be played online. From the description and what OP said, this seems like one of those games.

Well, i dont know about For Honor but some games have seperate modes where you can play SP and everything is stored on your computer.

Have seen it many times, thought this could have the same deal. Idk, he want online tho.
So thats not gonna happen anyway.

Steam categories are not always to be believed. many Multiplayer only games have the Single player Categorie.
OP said that He tried to change some values but they’ve been server side

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I assumed SP was a pure SP mode, thats why i said what i said.

All the categories ive come across its been right to mine assumption. Even many MP games.

Thats why i said he could get a trainer for the single player, not the multiplayer. No need to quote him though, i read it.

Stop assuming :stuck_out_tongue:

Stop being a dick

Stop being unPrecise

Damm I always thought it was mr. PRECIOUS

Children, Children…
Lets play nice together or I’m going to take your toys off you…

it also works with CE

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@pablo46z :no_mouth:

Loool theres really Singleplayer , okay , when you do a private room it’s kinda SP , right? ^^
Do your best #TeamWeMod


There won’t be a trainer for it.