Flash DVD drive from Jtag?

Is their any way I can Flash my DVD drive from my 360 I really don’t want to take my xbox apart again >_<

Im sure u can pay someone to do it for you but there is no buy/sell/trading on this site

Lol what does that have to do with buying selling or trading?

No, you have to take it apart to flash it.

Damn … You think someone would have figured out how to do that by now.

No not really

Flashing an Xbox without opening it? That’s like surgery without cutting open the body.

If you have a Jtag then doesn’t that bypass the need to flash?

You don’t have to do the DVD firmware hack, you CAN run games from burned dvds but only if they’ve been extracted and then burned like that, if you burn them the regular iso -> (abgx) -> imgburn way it won’t work. That said, it’s way easier to hack a dvd drive on a JTAGged console because with xell you have access to DVD key without having to extract it from the drive. This makes Lite-ons a walk in the park, since all you have to do is build an iXtreme image for your drive using that DVD key (and optionally serial data from stickers on the drive itself) and then just flash it as usual.

Source: Do I need to flash DVD firmware when I do the jtag hack?

Impossible, can’t think how that can be


Na sorry you will have to open it to flash it