Force Check for updates

Is there a way to make the application check for new updates or does it have to be automatic?

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WeMod automatically detects when a game has gotten an update.

When this happens, it is added to a testing queue for WeMod’s testers to see if the update to the game has broken the trainer.

If it has, then the trainer gets added to the update queue, which you can see in the WeMod desktop app. You can also see if a trainer is scheduled to be tested by clicking the “info” tab in the trainer itself.

If you’re having an issue with a specific trainer, post details and error messsges in the trainer’s official forum thread (after reading the other recent posts in there, in case).

The only way to force check for app updates is to restart the app. We don’t release updates frequently enough to warrant a button.

Ahh gotcha okay. I have an update checker and it keeps telling me there is an update for WeMod (version 7.0.19 instead of 17 or something like that). My guess is thats a beta version not yet released.

7.0.19 is the newest stable version that is available.

Oh mine is stuck on version 7.0.17 then haha. I redownloaded the app and installed it and now its up to date :+1: