Forza Horizon 3 Pc Cheats

I really enjoy customizing cars and just running a muck in singleplayer fh3, although ive tried everything and just cant figure out anyway to hack/mod infinite money. Having a cheat tool for infinite money would be really awesome, even though it would likely result in an online ban it would make singleplayer just that much better, - Thanks

You can request them here ->

I’ll tag @frank so he can add it to the list

@frank don’t do it. It affects online play and Turn10 bans people for using trainers with the game. The F7 trainer should be remove from Infinity because everything transfers into online play and I almost guarantee you they are going to ban for that also.

Just to clarify they ban regardless if you ever touch online play.

True, they ban at the drop of a pin, however its not giving you any unfair advantage, not with the exploits people have been doing to get levels/money. at the same time if you are looking for mods you know you are risking a ban.