Forza Horizon 3 v1.0.119.1002 (Windows)

Lately Forza Horizon 3 has been cracked and it was like bomb, f**king explode every ware in gaming communities.
Do we really wanna miss the chance to ettract gamers to the infinity trainer?
Oh god i can’t even imagine this game with trainer, we definitely need a trainer for it.
Vote for this game to show that you love racing games as i do.

There’s no voting for this game (yet) but seeing as how other Forza games have been abused online I’m not sure if there will be a way to vote for that game.

I know that there is no voting for this game yet, but if they do, i’m going to be the first guy how voting for this game. Haven’t you played it yet? download it now.

Please do not post linked to cracked games.

The creators have already said they will not do a trainer for this game. They are actively banning anyone that uses trainers and the majority of people would abuse it online.

My bad :open_mouth: