Forza Horizon 4 Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store

Sorry for the late response but it still isn’t working. I do all the steps then before it saves it crashes. It starts the saving animation then it crashes. I even lose more money than the car was worth.

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Try the same method and turn off the cheat as soon as you see the save come up, but try it on a cheap car, even if it’s a duplicate, so that way until you’re able to nail it, you aren’t wasting too much credits.
I hope you’re able to get it working!

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I have done this. When the save pops up and in the middle. Can’t do it at the end cause it crashes. When i lose money its millions not just the price of the car.

Sadly, I’m not really sure how you can get it to work, I’ve ran into hiccups here and there while using the cheat, but overall, it seems to work for me.

The cheat doesn’t work anymore!

Its working only one time and then its stop working

Could you please make a cheater for adding credits instead of setting credits? Thanks a lot!

Credit adding doesnt work, it just crashes. I believe an video tutorial or some kind of visual of what were doing wrong and how to fix it would be awesome!

… credits not working…please fix asap as will not be renewing membership

The credit cheat is still working properly. Are you following the instructions?

yes…even the android app is crashing the game…

add wheelspins/super wheelspins

The steps I’ve posted numerous times are the best method I’ve found for using the cheat for credits. As soon as you see the save notification after activating the cheat, immediately deactivate the cheat. The game has a chance at crashing, but the credits you edit in should still be there after relaunching the game.