Forza Horizon 4

I’m getting an Error when trying to Vote for the Game.


Greetings! :slight_smile:

I’m afraid WeMod will not be making trainer for this game.

(Source of the image:

The game is entirely online (even its single player modes) and nobody has ever successfully made a trainer for the game that doesn’t result in a ban.
More info: Forza Horizon 4.

Stupid Online only Games,

I just wanted to add more to this, there was a trainer released here by a former developer but the amount of bans also caused us to remove it as well as the increased encryption with each update. Any modification to money got accounts banned.


Was gonna say I thought we had a trainer. But as old as I am couldnt remember for sure

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We didn’t have one in WeMod, it was independently released :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I saw that too. Shame the game devs are anti-cheat.
Ah well, not much we can do about it.

( Are we really allowed to post in locked threads? >_> )
( If so, private party!!! :partying_face: :laughing: )

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What locked thread? :wink:

ohhhh, Hi guys, I got Promoted Yesterday, Thought i’d let you know.

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