Forza Horizon 5 Cheats and Trainer for Xbox

Credits cheat no longer works with current game build.


Credit cheat isn’t working anymore. It just sets your credits to 1,050,000

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its crash every time me game pls update this trainer and the creadits work

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doing the same for me too lately

1st launch of the game crashed immediately.
2nd launch of the game crashed after 3 races.
3rd launch ran fine, was able to complete the weekly forzathon challenges.
Faster Acceleration still works, Freeze AI still works, Speed Boost & Instant Brake still works.
Not sure if the crashes are due to wemod or Forza.

Getting credit didn’t work for me

i just tried it today and the credits cheat worked it took a while but pretty much open game then alt tab and press play on wemod, then f1 to activate credits mod (i used the xbox overlay to set the credits amount to 100,000,00) then bought my car and had no crashes at all

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Not work :frowning:

please update the program. doesn’t work on forza 5 new update

Trainer is not working : ( can we please can an update?

thanks :slight_smile:

Same for me, i tried it just now and the credits cheat doesnt work. it sayd its updated but it doesnt

Please Fix this problem.

ps, keep the good work up. i love you guys for all the awesome trainers.

wonder how long will it take for these guys to update it.

this is exactly what i did and it worked for me, however this was before the most latest update. for heads up to people whenever the new trainer for fh5 exists. i recommend trying this method as it has worked for me as well