Forza Horizon 5 crash on start up

I played FH5 with Wemod 3 months ago, crashed the game couldn’t get it to relaunch, slept on it. Now I want to play it and it wont launch at all, I know its been dropped but is there a way for me to at least be able to play my game

Do you have WeMod running in the background at all? If so, Forza Horizon 5 will crash upon startup.

Otherwise, if you don’t have WeMod open in the background (and you’ve checked with Task Manager), then it is not a WeMod issue and likely an issue with your game.

Yeah I have made sure WeMod isn’t running, also I uninstalled FH5 and reinstalled and it continues. I am curious if when i had mods on 3 months ago and crashed the game if it saved it that’s way and that’s why it’s crashing.

Make sure you have the WeMod overlay closed.

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Ive had the same problem.
ended up reinstalling FH5 on a different harddrive and it worked.
could play the game and drive around.
But as soon as i started Wemod the game crashed and will not start up again