Forza Horizon 5 crash on start up

I played FH5 with Wemod 3 months ago, crashed the game couldn’t get it to relaunch, slept on it. Now I want to play it and it wont launch at all, I know its been dropped but is there a way for me to at least be able to play my game

Do you have WeMod running in the background at all? If so, Forza Horizon 5 will crash upon startup.

Otherwise, if you don’t have WeMod open in the background (and you’ve checked with Task Manager), then it is not a WeMod issue and likely an issue with your game.

Yeah I have made sure WeMod isn’t running, also I uninstalled FH5 and reinstalled and it continues. I am curious if when i had mods on 3 months ago and crashed the game if it saved it that’s way and that’s why it’s crashing.

Make sure you have the WeMod overlay closed.

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Ive had the same problem.
ended up reinstalling FH5 on a different harddrive and it worked.
could play the game and drive around.
But as soon as i started Wemod the game crashed and will not start up again

You must keep WeMod closed when playing FH5. The game’s anti-cheat looks for WeMod if it’s running and crashes FH5 if it detects WeMod.

Just checking if you’re still having a problem with FH5? :slight_smile:

Try a reinstall of the game if it’s not working still? It is a big file to download tho which sucks if your internet isn’t the fastest. Also is there going to be an update for the fh5 mods or is wemod done with fh5?

Edit: your playing on game pass…I believe there is a repair game option somewhere with Microsoft games that may also help.

The trainer is retired and will not be updated.

If you have the overlay open, you also need to close that.

I still dont understand! I going to wemod and then forza and when i press play it sais These mods may not work with your game version. Do you want to test them out anyway? I have cheked so many times and it still sais its not on my game version. And when o press yes, the game crashes within 10 sek of starting it PLESE HELP MEEEEEEEEE

The trainer is retired. You can no longer use it without the game crashing.

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demn are they not going to fix it?

It is not possible to fix it.

What exactly did they change? Is there any other possibility to gain money now or is it back to grinding cars on community-made maps?

They updated their anti-cheat to crash Forza Horizon 5 whenever WeMod is open in the background.

Specifically WeMod or general programs like CheatEngine? Because damn, that is dedication.
Might try it with CheatEngine and see if that works?

Pretty sure that includea Cheat Engine, as well as a few other rival trainers.

Ah damn! Do you think there will ever be a way? I did read that there is “no fix” yet will there ever be a possibility of a workaround, you think?

Unfortunately not. Microsoft heavily lock down their files, so no one can alter them, so it’s pretty hard to bypass the anti-cheat.

Thank you, damn. Kinda happy I stocked up with WeMod before Nov’ 2022 but wow. It is sad to see that it won’t work in the future.

Thank you for the info and talking this through. :slight_smile: