Forza Horizon Editor

Thought i’d make a quick thread to provide some information i’ve found with the new Forza Horizon editor. When i first started the game i completed a few races then saved. I then modded the save file, Just the money using the editor with no problems. I’ve now completed the game and decided to edit more options but when opening my save file now the save loads but everything is grayed out. Not sure if this is because the save game is a completed save or another form of bug. I have made a new save on a different profile and loads fine in the editor so i doubt its a problem on my end. Would be great is someone could download the attached save and see if you have the same result.

Solutions i have tried:

Edit from device
Edit from extracted
Re-download Horizon
Save at new point in game


I will take a look at the save, thanks for reporting.

Thanks will be good to see if you have the same result

I am trying now, I think one of my friends were telling me about this problem.

For him it just didn’t want to edit anything, he ended up re-starting with a fresh save. (One for modding and one for his legit stuff.)

Will it be ready to use on the day of release?

The save editor works fine at the moment, This is just to report a bug. When i first started the editor worked perfectly but now this is a completed save game. It could be as simple as they didn’t have a completed save to test with.

Tried it out and it worked perfectly, nice report though Keyring!

Will it be ready to use on the day of release?

And yes, so be ready! :wink:

Will you test it on the day, for the full game! to make sure, and is there one race at the beginning and then after that you can save, do you have to pause and save manually?

Did my completed save open for you? Was you able to edit anything? or did it grey out?

It seems to be corrupted for me.
I am getting this:

I have no idea what you guys are talking about saying it worked because it didn’t for me, or maybe Horizon is just acting up.

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Scrap that error its nothing to do with Horizon, Thats my own modded custom save. I sent you the wrong starter save Woops! Let me send you the new one.

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Alrighty! Sounds good, everyone makes mistakes, :3.
PM me the link or post back here.


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When are start the game will i be able to save it after first mission and to mod credits and cars without a problem?

Just hit ok…

And then you should be able to use the editor.

Correct :smile:

Why are you only modding like 87k credits, have you tried modding to like 500mil, can someone test the unicorns/secrets to see if it works?

Yes when the game starts as soon as you get your first race it will auto save then you can mod whatever you want. The only problem here is we are looking into a completed game save. seeing as the game is not released yet i doubt the devs had a completed save to test.

Yeah, okay, does it autosave throughout the game, can you manually save it though?

I’ve tried that already, it doesn’t work. The save or a livery is corrupted and cannot be read.
Keyring, the save you sent me via PM works good, thanks.

for some reason it giving me a error :confused:

Ok just to get back on track who has tried the save in the OP? and did you get the same greyed box or was you able to edit?