Forza Horizon Garage Editor Update

Hi Devs,

Tool’s Name or Add On: Forza Horizon Editor Description (Explain as thoroughly as possible):
Allow Garage Editor to add Pre-Order Bonus cars as they are coded into the game already and limited in which ones you could have without buying multiple game copies.

Is it in any other programs? If so, which one(s)?

Additional Comments:

Would this be equivalent to stealing since currently you do have to buy them to have them in-game or is it something that could be done?

Thank you.

If you can list all of the cars and possibly provide a ForzaProfile with the cars on them, we can do this.

I can list the cars:

Ferrari 458 Italia
Aston Martin Virage
Nissan 370Z
VW Golf R
Mercedes SLS AMG

I can provide my profile, which has the Ferrari and the Golf. You’d have to have other members help with the other cars though.

I will upload my profile in a bit here and PM it to you.

My profile also includes all the LIMITED EDITION LIVERY cars in my car garage, so you could use those as well to add to people who do not have them.

i have a save where im nearly 100% im 98.3% just daks upgrade signs but i got a map earlier will the save be any useful? for achievements etc.?

It won’t be useful for achievements, but if you have any of the cars listed in my above post, then we can use it. :smile:

I’m uploading my files now and will edit with a link.

unknown: I sent you a PM with my Profile Extract in case you need it for anything.
Ingame Account with all livery themed cars, 458 Italia, and Golf R:

J4nu5- can you send me some cars on forza please, worth a bit, as you have modded, veyron e.g

okay well what im going to do is by another season pass because i have just been banned lmao but ever month with your help ill upload my save with extra cars! does that sound like a good idea? & do you know anyone with a diamond horizon account?

Thank you, I’ll work on adding the other cars.

i tried to get that save too work and it wont let me got any clues what im doing wrong? i have even extracted every gpd and tried it that way still not working, but i had a problem with another save too where i uploaded it onto my ussb and when the game starts up i click singleplayer and it kicks me back to dash everytime but i think that was just a broken save tbh.

well, I have diamond. It’d be nice to have one person do that, but as a garage editor it would mean you’d have every car automatically added to your garage. It’d be a lot of work, and lot’s of stealing of DLC, but that’s up to the devs…

Sorry to bump an older thread. I was just wondering if you’ve determined if this will be possible, and if it is something you’ve decided to invest time in.

Thank you.

with the cars on them, we can do