Forza Motorsport 3 Unicorn Cars

For FM3, does anyone know how to get the Unicorn cars onto your save file WITHOUT a modded 360? I’ve explored a number of different programs the last few months, including WeMod’s Horizon, Ellipse, and Anarchy, and none of them have a unicorn adder for FM3 specifically. What’s weird is that Horizon can add them for FM4 and FH1, just not for FM3 :frowning:

Moreover, I’ve seen a number of threads on Se7ensins that offered to do this for people either for free or for a small fee by sending them your save file, so it seems like this was indeed figured out but it just never made it into the suite of modding tools out there. There were only three unicorns for FM3: (1) 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport Coupe; (2) 2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type-A; (3) 2006 Subaru Impreza S204.

Can anyone here shed any light on this and let me know if this was ever actually possible outside of a modded 360 console? Does anyone know why a unicorn adder was never included in Horizon despite there being one for both FM4 and FH1?

Edit: One possible explanation I had for the reason it was never added to Horizon was that in FM3 I believe, you could list Unicorns on the Auction House, so in its heyday, it was possible to get them that way, though still difficult. In FM4, however, Unicorns could neither be gifted nor listed on the AH. So perhaps demand for Unicorns were greater in the latter game since more folks missed out on them? Just a thought.

I’m guessing no matter what type program you use if the content you want is totally DLC (rather than just a DLC unlock key) and isn’t on the actual disc itself then the only way to get it is by getting the files from somewhere. After about 15 YEARS of searching I eventually got my 3 (PAL UK) FM2 LCE cars as files, added them to a USB stick as ‘Downloaded Items’ (not as part of a save file) on PC, transfered to X360, and I couldn’t believe they were actually there AT LAST…So Happy! - The LCE game had an unused code scratchcard for them but they were withdrawn/no longer available when I used it, and Turn 10 weren’t bothered when I emailed them about it. Are the FM3 cars ‘On Disc’ but hidden or pure DLC because I would like them too. Forza only seems to be getting worse with Unicorns and stuff you can only get with ‘Gold’ or within certain time windows that THEY choose.

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Glad to hear you were able to get your hands on the FM2 cars after all these years. Believe me, I know the struggle! To answer your question, I don’t believe the FM3 unicorns are considered (i.e. tagged as) DLC. I believe they exist in the game files, so it should be as simple as following the process that was done for the later games, since Horizon included a car adder feature for both FM4 and FH1.

More specifically, as I’ve been told by someone who still works on save editors, what is needed is a full vehicle list for FM3 (including the three unicorns) that contains the CarID and 118 other types of information for each vehicle. From there the process is relatively straightforward but it does take a decent amount of time. The Forza 3 garage save structure is just an SQLite database. So you would create a Vlookup in Excel to query the database and copy the CarId from the database into a spreadsheet based off the index of each vehicle. If you then extract the PlayerDatabase as decrypted, you can load that file into an SQLite Viewer and add/delete vehicles. And finally you would replace the file (Decrypted) and save.

That’s the basic process of how to get it working in a save editor, but we’d need a full database first to get started. So if anyone happens to have this information or knows where to find an existing database (even if it’ not 100% accurate), let me know and I can provide it to the person I know who’s working on this.

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Btw, here’s a link to another Forza editor besides Horizon. The problem is that the FM3 garage editor currently uses FM4’s vehicle list, so it’s not working correctly (hence the need for a full FM3 database as described above). The other games work great, though.

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