Forza Motorsport 5 Money Glitch 2.5 Million Per Hour

Found this while on YouTube last night.

I tested it, it works I did 10 laps and got around 700-800k in just over 10 minutes.

The lap time will probably get removed fast.


Text Tutorial:

  1. Load up Forza 5

  2. Go to Rivals

  3. Select Time Attack Class B

  4. Go across to Sliverstone National

  5. Press Y to open the leaderboards.

  6. Press A on ShrubbyTerror and set him as your rival. (He is first in the world with a time of -00:05.000)

  7. Start the race.

  8. Complete as many laps as you desire when you’re done, press start and select finish race.

Enjoy your money!

Nice, might be fun to get tons of money fast and make Forza 5 enjoyable again.

works for xb1 too?

Do you know if this just gives you credits or does it add to affinity aswell?

You gain xp also but it isn’t crazy amounts it’s just normal.

any time you’re racing you’re earning XP, this just affects the amount of credits. You get such a huge amount for beating the #1 Leaderboard score, which is obviously hacked to allow anyone to do so.

This game is only out for Xbox 1.

It only gives me 50-55k : /


Darn. Well, I’m glad I did it earlier today for about 600K. After playing other XB1 games though, I realized how terrible Forza 5 was compared to Forza 3 and 4, heck even NFS Rivals was a lot more fun…