Found an easy way to defeat the Archon Priest

I’ll be making more destiny videos as well, so if you have any idea what I should include on these videos please say so.

Or you can just go under the platform and snipe the boss.

ummm what platform

I use this method for nightfall since my team can kill him pretty quickly but on heroic 28 strike I get under the stair platform in the far back you can still get hit but as long as one person hangs in the far back you should be fine.

ya i find that going under the platform is waaaaay better cause when someone dies he will just stand there and shoot at the dead body or whatever and its free headshots cause the AI is kind of ******ed like that. Also you can use goldengun sniper rocket ect ect its way easier and also if you run out of ammo some of the mob’s die on the ramp of the platform, but if soneone dies under the platform the only down fall is when you respawn them they have a chance to spawn farther out and if you die to far out your S.O.L unless someone is a bladedancer

Where you are, if you jump up the rocks to your right, look left and jump to the rocks so you’re on the top. You can snipe down on him. Makes it easier so you don’t have to keep running out.

go under the back set of the platform, servitors hit the first set of rails normal captains and stealth vandals can’t get to you but shanks and snipers can still hit you.

when your under there, have 1 person sitting under the ramp at the back while the other 2 attack (be careful using granades and rockets they can hit the railings and kill you if your too close), it can be solo the nightfall this way but takes a long time.

there is also another one under the same platform slightly harder to get to than the normal one where they can’t shoot you and you can just sit back and shoot him as you want because of the extra rail between you and them.

Saw this via Reddit and used this exact method to complete the Nightfall this week.
…usually I find out about the “Nightfall spots” after completing the Nightfall legitimately.

There’s a rock you can jump on top of in the arena, and a spot where you can crouch and nothing can hit you. The priest just stands under it and you can unload icebreaker headshots and grenades. I find it much better than hiding under the platform or sticking back at the entrance like in your video. Also takes a lot less time since you don’t have to run back and forth waiting for your grenades to cooldown.

I’ve used that spot myself when going against the Archon Preist, obviously, but one can still get shot at by the Priest, Shanks, and distant snipers. Granted, when that happens you just throw a grenade, crouch, and wait for your shields to return, but I just feel as if the spot under the patio is A LOT easier because the boss stays in an easy-to-hit location and if your shot by either the incoming ship/random sniper than you can hide knowing you can’t be shot at by anything.

I wonder who the Nightfall boss is going to be it this week and if you need help than definitely invite me because my second Hunter is almost Lvl. 20. (I’m currently Lvl. 19)

I invited you earlier after you messaged me but I think the messaging is still messed up. I’m staying up until 2am (9pm now) to do the nightfall & weekly heroics on both my warlocks, hit me up if you’re still on

Yeah…I never got that thanks to XBL and the issues it’s having, but it’d be awesome to get a jump start on the new stuff…if I’m awake. Lol

If you guys are doing the Nightfall let me know. I would like to join. I am on now CruelHellraiser.