Fractured Space

Could we get a trainer for this game? I think it would be amazing to get one

Tip : Put a link from steam when you post suggestions easier to see what game you want exactly

I’ve just now moved this Topic under the correct “category” section, because you posted this under HORIZON, but you want a Trainer for the above mentioned title on the PC ?

Anyways, if this is a MOBA title, I doubt WeMod will make any Trainers. They don’t make cheats for Online, or MP.

This thread can now be locked, if need be.

lol rip

it is a MOBA title but can still be played as a single player game

It still needs constant online connection and the coding is way too close as well as what I’ve played of it they run a internal anti cheat so that if anything changes in the coding it’s insta ban.