[Free Console Theme] [Expiry Unknown] Pride 2021 Theme for Playstation

Hello gamers!

To celebrate Pride Month, Playstation are giving away a free Playstation theme.
Expiry is unknown, but assumed to be after Pride Month ends (after 30th June).

Here is what it looks like (click).

To get the free theme:

Depending on your geographical location, redeem a code below in the Playstation Store.
You can do this on your console itself.
Or on the website: https://store.playstation.com/. (Log in → Click profile picture → Redeem Code).

  • Europe, Oceania, Middle East, Africa & India:

  • North & South America:

  • Korea:

  • Japan:

  • Other (ie, Asian countries not mentioned above):

Happy Pride Month! :rainbow_flag:

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