[Free Content] [Expires 12th July ~18:00 UTC+1] Witchercon (The Witcher) Goodies

Hello gamers!

GOG are giving away a bunch of free content related to The Witcher franchise.
Free to keep forever as long as claimed before the 12th July at 18:00 UTC+1.

Goodies include ebooks, videos and Gwent cards.

  1. Click the link above.
    Then click the purple button on the page to log into your GOG account.

  2. You will be given a code once logged in.
    Click the link on the same page to go to where you will need to redeem this code.

(BONUS! After you have redeemed your code, click the “Free” link at the top of the comic store’s website to see more free comics you can grab).

Note, this is a free digital goodies giveaway, not a free game.

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