[Free Content] Ghost of Tsushima Dynamic Themes for Playstation

Hello Playstation Gamers!

Ghost of Tsushima is offering three free dynamic themes to make your Playstation console backgrounds look pretty. :person_shrugging:

This is cosmetic content for your console, not in-game content for the Ghost of Tsushima game itself.

It apparently expires on 3rd October 2025.

The Codes

  • North/South America: 5FM9-5LN6-FCM2

  • Europe: 4PNM-4RNP-9C92

  • Japan: 8FLX-26NE-D9AA

  • Korea: GHGR-L3N9-3DTQ

  • The rest of Asia: J7CG-8DNC-BN6K

(Australasia/Oceania - try either the European or Rest of Asia code).


Claim via https://store.playstation.com/ (Log in, click your avatar in the top right, click “Redeem Code”). Or via the PS store on your console.

Go beautify those consoles!

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