[Free Content] Playstation Avatar Pack

Hello Playstation people!

A pack of 5 avatars featuring popular characters and the PS+ symbol are free to claim temporarily.

Expiry is not clear.

Use the correct code to claim them.
You can redeem the codes on the PlayStation website by clicking this link: https://store.playstation.com/?transactAction=redeemVoucher&cartAction=view. Or via the Playstation Store on your console itself.

  • Europe & most EMEA: DFPX-HA4L-QDFP

  • Americas: GL8M-E67D-J43Q

  • Japan: 685L-66XQ-JMH9

  • The rest of Asia: 496G-BPMG-4TFN

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Thank you very much, Ravenfyre. :slight_smile:

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