[Free Cosmetics] [Expires August 2024] DOOM Eternal, Wolfenstien: YoungBlood, & Rage 2

Hello gamers!

Courtesy of Bethesda, the following cosmetic items have been made free for a time, for the following titles:

DOOM Eternal (click for details)

Lux Slayer Special Edition Set , which includes the Lux Slayer skin, Lux Ballista Weapon skin, “Murder Magnate” nameplate, and “Fancy Pants” icon.

Majestic Archvile Special Edition Set , which includes the Majestic Archvile skin, “Your Highness” nameplate, and “Monarchvile” icon.

Nightmare Marauder Special Edition Set , which includes the Nightmare Marauder skin, “Night Terrors” nameplate, and “Sleep Paralysis” icon.

Wolfenstein: YoungBlood (click for details)

Legacy Pack , which includes the “New Colossus Jacket” and “BJ’s Army” Power Suit skins, the Old Blood Pipe & Knife weapons, and the WW2 Army weapon skin set.

Rage 2 (click for details)

Golden Weapon Bundle , which includes nine gold weapon skins, the Doombringer Bundle , which includes five weapon skins based on DOOM, and the Apocalypse Weapon Bundle , which includes four unique Assault Weapon skins.

Note, these are free in-game cosmetics, not free games.

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