[Free DLC] [Unclear Expiry - likely 17th Oct] Need for Speed Heat - McLaren F1 Black Market Delivery


A paid DLC entitled “Need for Speed™ Heat - McLaren F1 Black Market Delivery” is free to own forever, as long as you claim your copy before the giveaway expires.

  • The exact expiry date is unclear, but it is likely to expire at some time tomorrow.

  • The DLC is free on Playstation and Xbox versions of the game this week. There is speculation that it will also be free on Steam and Origin next week or so, but there is no definite confirmation of that.

  • You can claim the DLC free even if you do not currently own the base game on the platform. But you obviously need to own the game to use the DLC.

DLC Description:

A new shipment has arrived to the dockyard of Palm City. Get the McLaren F1 Black Market Delivery to burn all limits with the McLaren F1 through a unique set of challenges. Plus, receive hot new special customization parts, character outfits, vanity items, and decals as rewards!

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