[Free Game] [Does Not Expire] OpenTTD

Hello. free game that is open-source. all-in-all, this game has some pretty cool sounding features. not particularly new, been around seems since 2004. so, it probably has tons of community made content laying around. will have to give this one a try myself someday!


Game Description:

OpenTTD is a business simulation game in which players earn money by transporting passengers and cargo via road, rail, water, and air. It is an open-source remake and expansion of the 1995 Chris Sawyer video game Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

Thanks for sharing. But this isn’t really a deal or giveaway since it’s permanently free.
It’s also on Steam, perm-free: OpenTTD on Steam.

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huh, I’ve played this at least 500 hours, never noticed it went on Steam too. thanks :sweat_smile:

ah screw it… i am too wasted to give a good replay. but thanks for sharing it is also on steam too. :slight_smile: