[Free Game] [Expired] 三国群英传 (Heroes of the Three Kingdoms)

Hello gamers!

A game called 三国群英传 (translation: Heroes of the Three Kingdoms) is free for a short time.
Expires 19th January.

This is a Chinese-language game. It does not come with English translations at this time. I do not know if this will change in the future. But I grabbed the freebie just in case English translations are added later.

Game Description (translated from Chinese):

“The Heroes of the Three Kingdoms” is a strategic war chess game produced by Odin Company. It is also the first work in the series of Heroes of the Three Kingdoms, released in 1998.
The game is launched in real-time mode, and the actions and battles of both sides are conducted simultaneously. The general process of the game is from “internal affairs management mode” to “land strategy mode”, then to “war broke out”, and then to “internal affairs management mode”.

Click here to get the game free via Steam.