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[Free Game] [Expired] Pathway

Hey gamers! :slight_smile:

A game called Pathway is free from the Epic Games store until the 25th June.

Store Description:

Explore the strange unknown with Pathway, a strategy adventure set in the 1930s great wilderness. Unravel long-forgotten mysteries of the occult, raid ancient tombs and outwit your foes in turn-based squad combat!

Click here to get this game for free from the Epic Games store.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

heh I came here with out realizing I already had the game on said launcher

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Oh dear. :laughing:
Did you buy it? If so, you should be able to get a refund from Epic Games if you have below a certain number of hours spent playing the game (I believe it’s 2 hours, but double-check). Then you should be able to grab the game for free again once they’ve removed it from your library. :slight_smile:

nope I had gotten the free version. it was much more a case of checked the launcher first. then noticed this site alerts for free games