[Free Game] [Expires 23rd February] We Were Here

Hello gamers!

A game called We Were Here is free on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.
It will be free to keep on Playstation as long as you claim your copy before the 23rd February.
Note: To play on PS5 your console needs to be updated to the latest version.

The game is also currently free on Steam. However, I am unsure if this is permanent or if it will also expire on the 23rd.

Game Description:

Lost in a frozen wasteland and split up from your partner inside an abandoned castle, the only possession you have left is a walkie-talkie with a familiar voice on the other end. Can the two of you find your way out in time?

We Were Here is the pilot episode in a series of cooperative standalone puzzle adventures. Two players are trapped inside an abandoned castle, with Player One confined to a small secluded part of the castle as Player Two roams the halls trying to find Player One. Every room challenges your wits and ability to communicate clearly, using only your voice.

Are you ready to find out how well you and your friends work together? If you like living on the edge, try playing it with a complete stranger!

Links to get this game for free:



Enjoy. :slight_smile: