[Free Game] [Expires 8th February] Doors: Paradox

Hello gamers!

A game called Doors: Paradox is free to own forever.
As long as you grab it before 16:00 UTC on the 8th February.

Doors: Paradox is a relaxing, diorama puzzle escape game set in a rich world full of magic, head-scratching, and more than 5 hours of fun!

You are accompanied by the outstanding time-travel guide Zula, who takes you through an unexplored portal to… a cozy forest, and then a fertile desert oasis, and then the future!?

No matter where you go, the task is simple - solve the puzzles, open the door, and travel to the next exciting location - just don’t get lost, the place is vast and full of ancient secrets.

Have fun! :slight_smile: :door: