[Free Game(s)] [Unknown Expiry] Multiple Titles at Indiegala!



you will have to register an account for some games, while other games may even have a direct download link on the page.

be warned! . . . some games appear to be of an adult nature and have nudity.

be warned! . . . among the available 95 items, some of them may be demos.
at any rate, i don’t know if this post belongs here or not. but i only see one post in this section tagged “indie-gala”.

one more thing, they also have some type of free game you can play called “Feudalife”. i don’t get it myself, but apparently you can win some STEAM games through it somehow.

Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Indiegala isn’t very popular and a lot of their games are poorly made or unfinished, so I personally find its not worth my time posting them in the community. But if you’d like to post them, do feel free.

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I tried that Feudalife challenge thing. It’s almost impossible. If you’re not a hardcore 400 APM SCII champion, don’t even waste your time with them. Figures that they wouldn’t just hand out free Steam keys so easily.

Their system appears to be slightly broken; some of the games aren’t downloadable (no link appears) and others are marked free but actually aren’t.

what game(s) in specific? some games will have an external download link, while others must be added to your indiegala library. anything that says galafreebies can be added to your indiegala library.

as far as games costing money… plenty of game on indiegala do cost money, but i have not seen any through the URL i provided. and have also added/downloaded roughly 50 games so far. i could have just missed some of those you are talking about, but all the ones in their “showcase” should be free.

It seems to be completely random. I did see the ones that said add to library, and some that had external download links.

Regarding games that cost money, maybe they were some of the ones you mentioned that were demos, and I just missed the demo download link.