[Free Game(s)] [Unknown Expiry] Multiple Titles at Indiegala!



you will have to register an account for some games, while other games may even have a direct download link on the page.

be warned! . . . some games appear to be of an adult nature and have nudity.

be warned! . . . among the available 95 items, some of them may be demos.
at any rate, i don’t know if this post belongs here or not. but i only see one post in this section tagged “indie-gala”.

one more thing, they also have some type of free game you can play called “Feudalife”. i don’t get it myself, but apparently you can win some STEAM games through it somehow.

Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Indiegala isn’t very popular and a lot of their games are poorly made or unfinished, so I personally find its not worth my time posting them in the community. But if you’d like to post them, do feel free.

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I tried that Feudalife challenge thing. It’s almost impossible. If you’re not a hardcore 400 APM SCII champion, don’t even waste your time with them. Figures that they wouldn’t just hand out free Steam keys so easily.