[Free Games] [Unknown Expiry] Six Xbox Games

Hey gamers!

Some games are able to be claimed for free on Xbox consoles.

:eyes: :point_right: Read these notes carefully.

  • These games are only free in certain regions. The links below will take you to the region they are free in.
  • If you get a pop-up asking if you want to go to the page for your own local region, click no (the left-most button).
  • You can claim the freebies as long as you have a Microsoft/Xbox account, regardless if you are/aren’t from the store region that they are free in.
  • Just click the blue button on the top-right of the screen to get the game free.

The games you can get free and the regional links to them are:




thank you for this share, but i have a question…

these ones that are going to the site that is not in english, would the games install/play as english?

i personally don’t have an Xbox, but would like to get one someday. either way, it still allows me to claim the games. but i wouldn’t want to bother with games that aren’t going to play in english.

You select the language inside the actual game itself as always, regardless of where it’s from.

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alrighty. cool :slight_smile:

thanks a ton!