Free Minecraft(Premium) Accounts

I tested this out in epic section to make sure people are interested, and they were.
So I decided to open this to the public.

How to:
•Post below if you want one, or interested in one.
•Wait for your account, use the time wait guideline for account receive expectancy.

•200 thanks, shows your helpful, and not a leech.
•Only ask for one account.
•DoNOT change the password on any account that I obtain for you.
•If you have an account, please don’t ask for one, the amount I have is limited.

Time wait:
-Please don’t ask when you will get your account, just read this and you’ll know the expectancy.
•Staff:Within an1 hour.
•Retired staff:Within2 Hours.
•Epic:Within 5 hours.
•Diamond:Within a 1 day.
•Regular/Non Diamond 2-3 days.

Have fun with your account(s).

Can i Haz One Please :smile::thumbsup:

I am interested in one, I’ve never played minecraft but i am interested. thanks <3

i would make love to you for one <3

Awesome Service Jesus…

If I could get one I would appreciate it. :wink:

I would like one thank you

Please read the rules u need “200 Thanks” leech

id love one

May i please have one? Im currently running a cracked version.

I just wasted money yesterday then…

**** my life.

Can I get one? thanks :smile:

**** Not sure if I got over 200thanks, I see after I post ****

EDIT: I do :thumbsup:

No you didnt because you dont have 200 thanks so you cant get one.

My diamond just ran out :confused:

I would love one, I really want to play with some of my friends on Minecraft.


Thought it said posts…

i can haz?

I’m interested :smiley:

lemme get that :stuck_out_tongue:

People asking for accounts YOU MUST HAVE 200 Thanks Jesus christ read the post before you ask.Good service tho jesus :smile:

Nice giveaway =)

I know i cant get one but are you paying this out of your own pocket?