Free Sigs & Avatars<3

Hello There, welcome to my shop. I had a wide selection, but due to the reset of the threads, when my thread was restored it was a previous version, and my most recent work was lost. I apologize for this and will have the shop restored sooner or later. Thanks, hope you like what you get.

Option 1



Option 2



Option 3

Avatar:Avatar is similar to sig, just with 2 letters/characters.


Post Below For A Request
Request Form:
Color Of XboxMB:


Avatar Psd:Avatar Click Here

Signature Psd:Option 1 sig

Option 2 Avatar

Option 2 signature

Option 3 signature and avatar is not available, due to different results everytime.

Horizon Logos


Xbox Mb Logo

Moderator Sig’s And Avatars (Do Not Use If You’re Not Staff)

Mod Psd One click file hosting: AviTraining WheelsMod.psd One click file hosting: Training WheelsMod.psd

Yes their cool :smiley:

Yes! Right on

Nice bro.
I’ve been seeing these a lot.

You want to you can make me a new one… same way. I would appreciate an avatar to :smile:


I made mine, with your help xD

*Updateeee; Rush Will Now Be A Partner In The Graphics Shop :]

These are pretty cool haha imma make my own also tho :smile: thanx for the PSD:)

Hmm You Did :]

Request Form/
Name: Navy
Color Of XboxMB: same as yours

Finished You’res<33

Wanna make sig similar to my avatar? Thanks!

i want it with same color with my avatar :smiley: otherwise nice
my avatar is more green

Ok, do you know the color code?

I can’t find that exact color.

Naah, but you can always do new avatar for me as well, i originally requested green and thats what i got.

Sure, so Green and Green?

Yeah :smiley:

I created my own using your psd file thanks jesus.