Free steam game recommendations?

I recently made a steam account, since I purchased a computer that is actually able to play games lol. Anyway I’m kind of low on money so I won’t be able to get any paid games (yet!), so I just wanted some good free to play game recommendations. If you want to add me on steam just pm me and I’ll tell you my username, thanks :smile:

Idk about steam games, but you should definitely try league of legends.

I’ll check it out, thanks!

I think Warface is free on steam. Not exactly Battlefield graphics, but it’s pretty fun. You should check it out!

Check out the Free to Play games in Steam. They have a wide variety.

war thunder and dota 2

It’s not a steam game but I still love it.
Star Wars: The Old Republic

I recommend TF2, its a classic. I have literally wasted multiple hours of my life on that game lol.
Only downside is your account will be in “free-to-play status.” Which means your backpack has 50 slots, limited items and you can’t trade. If you’re fine with that you should definitely check it out.
Even if you’re not fine with that, even more reason to play.

i use to play neverwinter a lot. i got addicted to it for a while and thought it was fun. much more fun though when you have others to play with

Well, you could try Loadout or Team Fortress 2. Those are on the Xbox but I think the Steam version has more players and an active community.