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Free Steam Games - via Steam Inventory Gift & Keys


I recently picked up a bundle of games, and some I already have. In addition, I went through my Steam inventory and have several games I can gift. It only made sense that this community should benefit if possible. As of 09/04/2018, I have updated the list to include games I have Steam keys for.

That being stated, I would be happy to gift anyone with a Steam account with the games I know I have extras of in my inventory. WeMod staff and developers get priority since they do so much for us, but other than that, first come, first served. Just send me your Steam info or an email address, along with what you want and I’ll gift it to you if I’m not all out. You can also just message me on Steam, that works too.

For those interested in the games I have Steam keys for, simply reply to the post, and I can message you the key, and then update the list. Note that I’ll likely be busy later in the week, so the earlier you respond, the better your chances.

I also want to make sure any WeMod developers/staff get the chance to take a look: @WeModGaming (hope that is the right one)

I’ll let everyone know once the items have been claimed.

Updated list of games I have spare Steam keys for:

  • Evil Genius - 1 key
  • Magicka - 1 key

Updated list of games in my Steam inventory:

  • Killing Floor with Defense Alliance 2 - 1 Copy
  • Defense Grid: Containment - 2 copies
  • Talisman: Digital Edition - 4 copies (I like this one, it is a digital board game)
  • Minion Masters - 4 copies (I think it sucks personally)


Hey would it be possible to get Crusader Kings II?
here is my steam profile :

Thanks for doing a giveaway


Sure thing Hawk, I sent you a friend request. Once you accept, I’ll send Crusader Kings II via Steam. Consider it yours! No problem regarding the giveaway, items were just sitting in my inventory, only made sense to give something back to the community.

*Crusader Kings II - Claimed by Hawk


Thanks, just accepted the request.


Just sent the game to you, hope you enjoy!


Thanks, I got the email from steam while at work


FYI - I updated the list, removing the claimed game and adding a couple I found in my inventory. I suppose I should have originally posted this under “Giveaways”, but what is done is done. Nonetheless, I’ll try to get around to going through my keys later this week for everyone.

No promises though, it may be next week before I can look over the keys. Though feeling a lot better than I was, I’ve got a couple of weeks before I’m back to myself. I’ve been trying to catch-up on some “gotta get 'em done” tasks for dad, and I tend to be exhausted and short of breath after the fact. The good news is I am getting caught up.

Hope you find a game you like in the revised list!


Put it for you in the right category.
Thanks for the giveaway!


Thanks @N1ceToMeetYou, I appreciate it!

No problem, it is an honor to give back to the community! Everyone has always been most kind and helpful, I always enjoy corresponding with the group. There is a genuine effort to help others, a pleasant change from many forums.

Thanks again my friend, I shall chat with you all soon I am sure!


Greetings friends,

As promised, I finally had the opportunity to go through my Steam keys to find the games I already had. I’m updating the original post to include them. They were originally from a Green Man Gaming bundle I purchased for charity.

Though the keys should be worldwide, some are not, thus there is a chance some will not work. Should that be the case, let me know, and I’ll add it to my support request (I have one in already for another key that didn’t work). Keep in mind, it may be some time before I hear back.

As before, the WeMod team gets priority, so if they post before I relinquish a given key, they will receive it. In that regard, keep your eyes peeled @STN, @STiNGERR, @Chris, @Zach, and team. Otherwise, first come, first served.

Simply post what you would like, and I’ll send you the key via a personal message, then update the list/post. I will be checking the thread as time permits, so I might respond quickly, or slowly, depending on what I have going on. I’d prefer to give a definite time frame to make it more equitable, but I have a lot of catch-up work to do for my father later in the week.

Note that I only have 1 key per game, and have updated the original post to include the list. I will continue to update the original post as items are claimed (as before). I wish you all the best of luck!


Any chance i can get This war of mine?
Also its pretty cool that you’re doing a giveaway.


Certainly - This War of Mine: Claimed by @UCQ12!


FYI - Just updated the main list, I noticed I had a couple of extra copies of Minion Masters (total of 4, note that 2 won’t be allowed for trade until Oct 4th). Also still have keys for some good games that haven’t been claimed. Evil Genius is a bit old, but personally, I think Magicka is a great game as well as the original Warhammer End Times Vermintide.


do you still have a copy of killing floor 2 can i get that?


Killing Floor 1 is what is shown, it comes with Defense Alliance 2, which is a popular community made mod. It is still available, assuming you would like it.


hello can i get frozen synapse or Vermintide please?
my steam profile :

thank you! First time i found a giveaway with key remaining.


Sure @Torniolle, sent both to you on Steam, hope you enjoy! Sorry for the late response, I’ve been extremely busy painting and installing molding/trim in the basement the last week.

Main list has been updated


yes im interested in that


Please send me a Steam friend invite and I’ll send it via my inventory as soon as I can. I go by the same handle of Telarius, and have an avatar of myself with two cats.