Free VPN (10GB per month) unlimited accounts/traffic

I use this VPN and it works. Nothing is wrong with it and I personally like it.

Here is how to get it for free (1 year package, 10GB per month, unlimited accounts):

  • Sign up here: Cyberghost VPN

  • Now go to this link and enter the serial in red -->: Here and enter this quale157

  • Download the program and sign in

  • BOOM! You have 10GB of free traffic for 1 year. The 10GB resets every month

  • Now to get “unlimited” you should created like 10 accounts, (no email activation needed) and just keep the login info and once 1 account hits its limit, change accounts!

I hope this helps all of you wanting to be secret.

“and as always, have nice day” quote- FPSRussia

Very helpful , thanks for posting

I’ll test now

This works. You’re epic. <333 :smiley:

What is this exactly for? Does this increase your internet or is it made for storage device?

Worked! thank you :smiley:

The connection keeps timing out when I try to load up the website.

This masks your IP from the internet with an encrypted connection to a server. It’s very useful for people who seed and leech on public/private torrents.

Can anyone say this works with proof? I would like people to know!

Yes this does work, Ive used this for a while now and its great.

Zher0 told me about this a long time ago

Wait… If I download 10GB my ISP wont charge me for it (I have a 60GB limit) or does it still count?

Awsome Thanx

“This promotion has expired”. Damn, thanks though :confused:

It says the promotion has expired, when i try to put the serial in.

I will try and find some new promotion codes.

Please do! This is really great of you. :smile:

dam it worked :smiley: thnx bro

Promotion expired… >.<

Sorry guys, I will bump this post/reply once a new promotion code is released and or someone else can get one.

no worked… anyone can help:’(