[Free VR Game] [Expires Jan 13th] Pirate Flight


A VR game called Pirate Flight is free to own forever on the Playstation console, as long as you claim a copy before the 13th January.

  • Note that you need a VR device to play this game.
  • You can add this game to your Playstation library even if you do not yet own a VR device (or a Playstation).

Game Description:

Made for everyone, it’s the most casual VR flying game. Just fly, race, and shoot across three beautiful worlds and triumph through 90 missions!

No landings, no complex controls. It’s not a flight simulator but pure and simple arcade flying — plus there are dragons!

So don’t be afraid of heights or motion sickness, Pirate Flight (VR) runs in 90 FPS and offers a default comfort mode, which makes for happy flying in VR!

Depending on your geographical location, the above link may not work for some people or say that the game is not available to you. In that case, try one of these instead:

Enjoy! :slight_smile: