[Free VR Game] [Unknown Expiry] VR Blast


A virtual reality game called VR Blast is free to own forever.
As long as you claim your copy before the giveaway expires - the expiry date is not clear.

Note you need a VR headset to play the game. But can still add it to your library for later, even if you do not currently own a headset.

Game Description:

VR Blast is an incredible roguelite arcade shooter that takes you into a unique world where you blast Blocks with awesome weapons!:gun:
Dive into the arcade with immersive graphics, gameplay, and music - sitting or standing, VR Blast will blow your mind!

Have fun!


:moneybag:100% FREE this month!
:rocket:Black Friday Launch Sale!
is in the description so looks like the expiry date is November 31
or something close to it