[Free VR Games] [Unclear Expiry] The Eastern Edge & Somewhere


Two VR games are free to own forever from the Oculus store. As long as you claim them before the giveaway expires. The expiry date is unclear.

You will need a VR device to play these games, however you can still add them to your library if you do not currently own a VR device.

The Eastern Edge.

The fever dream survival-shooter where you panic-load every round with your bare hands - because death is only ever a fumbled bullet away.

Test your nerves and your gun skills without all the abstractions of the modern FPS – no auto-reloads, power-ups or recharging health bars. So, grab your realistic 1940’s guns, grit your teeth, and SURVIVE to see the sunrise… Welcome to the Jungle. Welcome to the Edge


Like Geoguessr, but in VR :earth_americas::sunglasses:
Put your cultural knowledge to the test! This game drops you Somewhere in the world, and your job is to correctly identify where you are. The closer your guess = more points!

Have fun!


Thank you :+1: