Freestyle dash 3 not seeing games

Ok, so I’ve just installed FSD3 to my rgh and went through my settings to set my directories to pick up the games installed on my Hdd which work with no errors, however, what I’m wondering about it I’ve set my directory to pick up and show my games that I have installed on my external Hdd via xexmenu. I’d like to just do everything via FSD3 and avoid going through xexmenu to start playing my games I’ve installed there…any ideas or am I trying to do something that won’t work for whichever reason…any info would be great…

btw, tried to google it with very little good information that didn’t have to deal with the regular Hdd and not my USB external Hdd…

How large is your external drive? Too large can be an issue with compatibility and function. If that is not the problem in the settings on FSD where you set the path for your hdd. Do the same for the external media. Even so when you look at media you should be able to flip from one device to the next using the keys noted on the bottom of the menu.

I have a 2TB external drive, the Hdd is a 320GB…

Can you view the games on he external from FSD? Just need to know if you are actually able to read it… If you can read it and see the contents of the drive then it should be fine. If not there is a lot of compatibility issues with drives over 1TB even when formatted to FAT32. I went through this with a 3tb external recently Grrr
Try going into settings and setting up a scan path so it scans everytime you boot up and see if that finds it to.

Also did you format the drive using nxedash?

Yes, I can go into the settings for FSD and see the contents as far as the same thing I can see in xexmenu. I went and sent my game path as such…


then from that path, I can see all the folder paths for the games and the contents inside as such with the default.xex that xexmenu uses to play the games for me. Does that kinda help? The games FSD shows on my library game list are the games is set up as .god files with the gamepath (Hdd1:\Content)

Edit: does FSD read the default.xex files? I wonder if I have to set a gamepath for each game leading to that particular file/game…

well that method didn’t work either…I’m at a complete lost…I was hoping to use FSD3 to run/play all my games and not just what’s on my Hdd then go to xexmenu for my other games…:frowning:

I sent you a pm.

You must select ‘Extract DVD’ on fsd.
Then start copying it. I mean if you want your games to appear you must copy the dvd on freestyle :smile:

just wanted to give out an update in case anyone else runs into this same issue of FSD3 not reading your external USB Hdd’s games you’ve burned via xexmenu to the Hdd without needing to convert it to GOD…I went and created a new folder labled ‘Content’, then created another folder labled ‘0000000000000000’ (16 0’s) and put all my games in that and bam, FSD3 was able to read them and show the games in my HomeBrew section. Now I can see and play all my games from one simple location :smiley:. Two weeks of trying to figure this out and asking for help pulling in many different ideas and finally got it to work the way I was hoping it would and the way I imagined it.

Hello I am having a problem similar to your description but in my case the fsd3 installed with launch and default.xex files and runing automatically without the need for xex menu and there are games that not working (who worked previously) and I wanted to know if the solution you gave also helps in this situation, and do so where should open the content folder (I would like to receive a detailed explanation because I don’t have much knowledge in the field) Appreciated ido